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Whilst recovering from a serious accident, back in 2009, I discovered my love for pet sitting whilst helping out family and friends. I did try to go back to my previous corporate life, but I quickly realised it just wasn't for me any longer.

Eleanor at Sitter4Pets

In 2012 I set up Sitter4Pets and House Sitting Services as a full time business. Due to my wonderful clients booking with me year on year, I now have a small team so that we can ensure your pets are looked after as and when we are needed.

Each sitter has been personally interviewed, vetted and Police checked to ensure they meet my high standards of service.

Hiring a pet sitter is a major decision. I understand the two main considerations are the care for your animals and the security of your home.

Each of our client’s privacy is paramount to us and we always respect their confidentiality.

I am qualified in Dog Psychology, Pet Nutrition and Animal Reiki. I also have extensive training in dog behaviour. I pass my knowledge on to my team so that we can give your pets the absolute best care possible. We fit right into your pet's normal routine with food and medicine, exercise, rest and play, so the change for them is as low impact as it can possibly be.

And please don't worry if your pets are a little more unusual than cats and dogs. We've even pet sat an alligator!

All my team are police checked to ensure they have no criminal convictions and they go through an extensive interview and screening process. Your home's safety and security is just as critical to me as the care of your animals.

Sitter4Pets is not just a business to me, it has become my life's work. Looking back, that car accident changed my life. From experiencing years of pain and discomfort came something incredibly positive and fulfilling.

If you'd like to know more about our services, then please just get in touch.

Qualified and professional pet sitter

Whilst being a qualified pet sitter, with over 500 pet sits completed over her 10 years experience, Eleanor is qualified in Dog Psychology, Pet Nutrition and Animal Reiki.

Eleanor also has extensive training in Dog Behaviour and continuously aspires to broaden this knowledge. Looking after her own family pets for 20 years has provided her with additional pet care experience.