Dog Training & Dog Behaviour

Eleanor enjoys learning more about the pets that she looks after and thrives on improving her knowledge and care to continuously offer the highest standard of service. Eleanor has completed a number of in-depth courses and these are listed below:

Sitter4Pets Qualifications

Eleanor will assess your dog's behaviour as well as focus on any particular areas of concern or where you would like extra support.

Eleanor can visit you at your home where it’s easier to see your dog’s true behaviour.

After the meeting, Eleanor will provide you with a personalised guidance report setting out ways in which you can improve your dog’s behaviour.

There is also the opportunity for Eleanor to monitor your dog’s behaviour during a pet sitting booking you have arranged with her. Eleanor can create a report of suggestions and guidelines for you for when you return from holiday.

Eleanor is qualified to assist with reducing unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, pulling on the lead, being fussy with food and she can also give advice for dogs that are anxious or lack confidence.

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