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Do you worry about leaving your dog or cat in a boarding kennel?

What if they don’t settle? What if they don’t get along with the other pets there?

The kennel will feel like a strange place to your dog or cat and this together with a change in their normal routine, scents and sights can cause some pets to become anxious or physically unwell.

Maybe you rely on friends, neighbours or relatives to look after your pets? This can be a helpful alternative to boarding kennels. However, is your friend relative/neighbour qualified in pet first aid should your pet have an accident or become unwell? Do they know how to react in an emergency in your home such as a burst water pipe or blown fuse?

Are they also insured? What if there are any accidents/breakages in your home, who is responsible for this? With having a neighbour/friend/relative helping you out, you are also likely to feel obliged to owe them a favour and this can cause friction at some point.

Would you really enjoy your holiday or would you spend most of your time worrying about your pet’s welfare?

There is a perfect solution with Sitter4pets. Let a professional pet sitter take on the responsibility – it’s what we do.


Cats are creatures of habits who thrive on routine. Most cats will have a set pattern they follow every day. Cats are territorial animals, so their routines will develop around your schedule and your household routines. While such a routine driven life may seem boring to humans, it helps cats feel safe and confident.

Cat Sitting


Dogs also enjoy feeling secure in their home environment with day-to-day routines and consistency being particularly important. Keeping your dog’s daily activities such as feeding times, walking times, play times and quiet times all regularly scheduled into their day will make them feel safe and secure.

Dog Sitting

Dogs and cats are the main pets that we care for, however, we do have experience in looking after many other types of pets all of which are more comfortable and settled in their own environment.

With Sitter4pets House Sitting Service, a qualified and experienced sitter will stay in your own home. We provide a live-in service and the sitter will stay in your home for 20 hours out of 24 to provide all the care and attention that your pet(s) need. Each of your pet’s routine will be strictly adhered to and your home will be maintained as though you were there yourself so you can enjoy the added benefit of deterring burglars or vandalism. We will take out your bins, collate your post, accept deliveries, water your plants, maintain the cleanliness of your home and provide daily security checks.

We are not fazed by emergencies and know how to react should anything out of the ordinary occur.

We pride ourselves on having procedures in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly before, during and after every booking.

Each sitter is bound and regulated by the Sitter4pets Codes of Conduct. This ensures that we are all following the same guidelines and providing the highest standard of care for each client.

We are always striving to improve upon our services and are proud to announce the launch of our new App. This bespoke facility, only available to Sitter4pets clients, enables the client and sitter to converse daily, providing updates on their pet’s well-being and home security.

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