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Home & Pet Sitting

This service is where the sitter stays in your home, including overnight, for the duration of your holiday to give you peace of mind while you are away. All your pets are able to stay in the comfort of their own home and continue to enjoy their normal routines. There is also the added benefit of having your home occupied which is an ideal deterrent against burglary or vandalism. There are regular security checks, garden and plants watered and house cleanliness maintained - all included in the price.

Whether you are looking for a few visits each day for your cat or for a fortnight of house sitting for your five dogs, you can rely on Sitter4Pets for first-rate pet care services at all times. House sitting can also be offered for people that don't own pets but would like the benefit of their home being checked on or lived in during their absence.

Pop In’s

This service is ideal for when you are going on a family day out or are working long hours. Each home visit will last a minimum of 30 minutes to check on your pet’s wellbeing and to allow time for feeding, cleaning, exercise and company. All visits will also include opening/closing curtains, switching lights on/off, picking up post and watering plants as required at no additional cost.

These visits are perfect for pets such as cats, fish, exotic pets, chickens, birds, rabbits, hamsters etc that may not require as much company during your absence.

As with the home and pet sitting service, these visits will be designed around you and the care your pets require.

Sitter4Pets is simply not comparable to other types of boarding services as it is adaptable to each pet and their owner’s home.

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