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Pet Nutrition

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Eleanor enjoys learning more about the pets that she looks after so that she can continue to improve on the services that she provides.

Eleanor is not a nutritionist but she can offer you guidance on what type of foods to be feeding your dog based on its nutritional requirements and taking into account your dog’s age, weight, exercise routine, medical conditions etc.

Eleanor has helped a number of pet sitting clients with improving their dog’s diet to the extent that it has reduced ailments such as dry, itchy skin, aching muscles, excess weight and tiredness.

Eleanor is happy to visit you at your home to discuss your dog’s food and nutritional requirements and provide you with a personalised report with suggestions and guidelines for improvement.

This service can also be part of a pet sitting booking at your home where Eleanor can monitor your dog’s current feeding routine during the pet sit and suggest alternatives where necessary.

Pet Reiki

Eleanor has completed a Reiki attunement with Hayley Drakes Holistic Therapist in Belton, Doncaster in 2016 and is attuned to Level 2.

Reiki is the ancient art of healing by channelling energy to heal physical and psychological conditions. Reiki is a gentle, safe technique which is known for reducing stress and boosts the immune system.

Eleanor can offer Reiki on humans and pets alike.

Eleanor finds that most dogs and cats respond positively to Reiki and seem happier and content after a few sessions.

Reiki can help with the following:

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