We aren't just your usual pet sitters...

You can have total peace of mind knowing all of your pets are in safe hands with a highly experienced, qualified, friendly and reliable pet sitter. Your pets can enjoy the safety and comfort of home surrounded by their familiar scents and surroundings. The fact that a qualified sitter moves into your home for the duration of your holiday is what sets Sitter4pets apart from other pet care services.

Your pet's normal routines such as feeding times, exercise, sleeping area, any medications etc all remain the same which helps reduce any stress or anxiety while you are away. Sitter4Pets services are here to minimise the disruption to your pet's routine, allowing them to remain in their normal environment while you are away on holiday or unable to provide the usual level of care due to work commitments or illness.

While the sitter is staying in your home, they will make regular security checks, put your bins out, collect your post, water your plants and garden. Your home will be lived in which is added protection against burglary, vandalism or an emergency.

There is no need to rely on or impose on friends, relatives or neighbours to take care of your pets. You can now rely on a professional and trustworthy pet sitter who will look after your pets in the same way that you do.

Personalised pet care unique to your requirements

Sitter4pets maintains the highest level of personalised pet care and your pet's welfare are their top priority. Having a pet and house sitter not only ensures the happiness of all your pets but can simplify your pre-holiday workload considerably. Making just one call to Sitter4Pets can ensure all your pets remain safely at home.

We offer a free meet and greet where we will visit you at your home to have a chat about your pets and the type of care they need. When you become a client of Sitter4Pets, you will receive a comprehensive Pet and Property Pack which provides all the information required to allow the sitter to confidently look after your home and pets. This ensures that we have everything covered so you can go on holiday and know everything is being taken care of in accordance with your instructions.

Here's a few reasons to choose us...